Pink Sunflower Volume 1

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In his earlier career, Tyler, The Creator was known for his brash yet honest raps coupled with minimal less-melodic production. Especially during his time with the Odd Future collective. Tyler is also known to be a beatmaker/producer as well and almost (if not all) of his work is/was produced by him. However, Tyler's last two projects would show a new, mature side of himself while also showing some hidden gems within his production skills; which had way more melodic tones than his previous work.

Tyler's "Flower Boy" & "IGOR" albums are both beautiful within their own right and both showcase Tyler's jazzy, Pharell inspired & grungy style of Hip-Hop/R&B production. He has a unique way of meshing old & new textures together in his own modern way.

Our latest composition pack, Pink Sunflowers is a tribute to Tyler's last two projects and his production style with lush but dusty pianos, warm but dirty synths, Rhodes, live guitar, live bass and of course our unique vocal phrases.

This sample pack has 10 compositions and can either be purchased in composition format or compositions & stems format.

This is a digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free