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Top 5 Creative Delay Plugins For Production & Sound Design!

MsInstrumental talks about our favorite delay plugins for production and sound design!

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We Scored a Sample With CineBrass, Then FLIPPED IT!

J. Pelham & pat junior do a full review & demo of Cinebrass.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Creative Piano Plugins!

MsInstrumental breaks down our 5 favorite creative pianos for production and making samples!

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News | Sample Now, Pay Later!

We Teamed Up With Klarna! Get the samples you need now and pay for them later 👌🏾

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Review | WREMENA.TWO by Elementary Sounds

Yons showcases his experimental sound in a Review & Demo of the "WREMENA.TWO" 1971 Fender Jazz Bass emulation by Elementary Sounds.

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