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Tutorial: Adding Lofi Character to Samples

In this tutorial, Pat Junior uses Initial Audio's Analog Pro plugin to add character to a lofi sample from our latest pack, Dreamy Soul.

Thank You | Pelham & Junior

We just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much we appreciate your support thus far in our journey and give you a few updates of what's in store!

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In The Lab | Foolery

Pat Junior, 1/2 of Pelham & Junior, links up with Foolery (producer & Kooley High member) to check out how he reworked a sample from the Mellow Hues Sample collection.

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Mellow Hues Vol. 2 | Availible Now

Production duo Pelham & Junior have returned with the second installation to the Mellow Hues series. Mellow Hues Volume 2 is packed with more lush pianos, Rhodes, and synths paired with live human vocals and guitars melodies. In addition, the duo have also included some unique & original vocoder vocals.

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In The Lab | Sinopsis

Pat Junior, 1/2 of Pelham & Junior linked up with Sinopsis, producer/member of Kooley High, to talk about Mellow Hues Volume I. Sinopsis goes through his process/approach to how he sampled the "Taking Flight" composition from Pelham & Junior's latest.

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