Native Vibes (Sample Pack)

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In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a new side of Hip-Hop music music that would influence the world and many hip-hop artists to come after. The Native Tongues collective were known for their positive-minded and good-natured Afrocentric lyrics. However, on the production side they became popular for their eclectic sampling and jazz influenced beats. The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and the more popular A Tribe Called Quest, all gathered their inspiration from soulful jazz music that would eventually inspired the likes of (retro & current) Kanye West, J.Cole and others.

The Native Vibes sample pack is our salute to both the pioneers and those inspired by the originators of The Native Tongue Collective. Warm piano progressions, live bass, live guitar and our unique vocal phrases can be found throughout this pack.

There are 150+ sounds in this pack.

  • Melodic Loops with stems (69)
  • Melodic one shots (90)
  • Analog processed/lo-fi melodic loops that bring out essence of each musical tone (12)

    Samples are Key and BPM Labeled.

    This is a digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

    This Sample Pack is Royalty Free